Apps to Listen to Music Offline

The steaming musical apps have led to an easy pick on amazing musical tracks of all times with just a gentle tap. The apps are fabricated in the best way to make songs easily downloadable and simple to sort and listen. It has also been embedded with multiple features for proper organization of music library and much more. Most of these trending musical apps are either chargeable or can be accessed when online. There are few top lucrative musical apps which allow the user to listen to music even in offline mode. The songs can be downloaded when online but the latter library organization and handling can be managed in offline mode too.

 Here are a few Free music download apps for android listed below that allow us to listen to music in offline mode.


Music Paradise Pro

Music paradise Pro is a musical chart sizzler among the popular offline musical apps. Free copyleft and free download of songs with authorized access to any musical track is the stupendous feature of this awesome musical app. The app’s search feature is simple and quick that allows you to quickly browse through your favorites. It has the additional feature for all music maniacs to share their musical art with public and thus create a musical aura of panache.

MP3 Downloads by Programitas

Free Mp3 downloads is yet again an interesting, simple and useful Android musical app that allows easy search and download of audio tracks. The usage of this audio app is absolutely free. The search and download button makes it easy for users to download their songs and listen even in offline mode.


Tunigo is yet another musical app that allows one to listen to music in offline mode. Tunigo does not quite have the playlist generating power but it comes along with a pre-made track/ playlist for iPhones. One has to use the internet to search and download their favorite audio tracks and synchronize with the playlist for later use. This playlist can be set to play in offline status too. The synchronization of a playlist is a unique bid of Tunigo.


Spotify is a perfect musical app for all Android users. You can enjoy listening to your favorite artists and even play your music on shuffle mode in a very basic version of the app. It allows one to play any audio and download it for offline listening too.


You can enjoy your vacations with this amazing music app groove. This i-phone app enables you to stream musical tracks and even save them on your iPhone. The app functions like any other musical app except that it is incorporated with the additional track saving future which allows us to listen to our favorites even in the offline mode. The groove app has garnered tremendous attention with a swooping 85000 plus downloads in just a single day. It allows one to create a playlist and thus save their favorite musicals tracks and listen to it even in long flights or non-network places. No wonder it is garnering huge attention.

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