Apps to Listen to Music Offline

The steaming musical apps have led to an easy pick on amazing musical tracks of all times with just a gentle tap. The apps are fabricated in the best way to make songs easily downloadable and simple to sort and listen. It has also been embedded with multiple features for proper organization of music library and much more. Most of these trending musical apps are either chargeable or can be accessed when online. There are few top lucrative musical apps which allow the user to listen to music even in offline mode. The songs can be downloaded when online but the latter library organization and handling can be managed in offline mode too.

 Here are a few Free music download apps for android listed below that allow us to listen to music in offline mode.


Music Paradise Pro

Music paradise Pro is a musical chart sizzler among the popular offline musical apps. Free copyleft and free download of songs with authorized access to any musical track is the stupendous feature of this awesome musical app. The app’s search feature is simple and quick that allows you to quickly browse through your favorites. It has the additional feature for all music maniacs to share their musical art with public and thus create a musical aura of panache.

MP3 Downloads by Programitas

Free Mp3 downloads is yet again an interesting, simple and useful Android musical app that allows easy search and download of audio tracks. The usage of this audio app is absolutely free. The search and download button makes it easy for users to download their songs and listen even in offline mode.


Tunigo is yet another musical app that allows one to listen to music in offline mode. Tunigo does not quite have the playlist generating power but it comes along with a pre-made track/ playlist for iPhones. One has to use the internet to search and download their favorite audio tracks and synchronize with the playlist for later use. This playlist can be set to play in offline status too. The synchronization of a playlist is a unique bid of Tunigo.


Spotify is a perfect musical app for all Android users. You can enjoy listening to your favorite artists and even play your music on shuffle mode in a very basic version of the app. It allows one to play any audio and download it for offline listening too.


You can enjoy your vacations with this amazing music app groove. This i-phone app enables you to stream musical tracks and even save them on your iPhone. The app functions like any other musical app except that it is incorporated with the additional track saving future which allows us to listen to our favorites even in the offline mode. The groove app has garnered tremendous attention with a swooping 85000 plus downloads in just a single day. It allows one to create a playlist and thus save their favorite musicals tracks and listen to it even in long flights or non-network places. No wonder it is garnering huge attention.

Best Accessories for your Trampoline

Trampolines are extraordinary to have around the house. Not just do they accommodate youngsters’ recreational fun time, they’re also used utilized for wellness purposes, for example, vaulting or intense exercise as well as workouts.

Many people around the world believe that trampolines and trampolining were started by Eskimos in which a walrus cleaned sheet was utilized to hurl individuals up into the air. But as the time advanced, the trampoline procedure has developed incredibly to when compared to the olden time. Now, trampolines are made of a solid tight fabric extended over a metal casing tied down together by solid metal loops.


If you are also a trampolinist then you would love to get the trampoline accessories that are available in order to be safe as well as perform better. check latest accessories on our homepage. Given below are few trampoline accessories that you must have if you are a trampoline enthusiast like millions of others around the world.

Trampoline Bounce Board

It is a safer way by which you can practice your snowboard, air skateboard as well as wakeboard moves.  The trampoline bounce board allows you to practice all of this to your full potential without damaging your trampoline mat.

Trampoline Cover

Trampoline cover is another important thing that you must get while buying a new trampoline. The cover is going to save your trampoline from dust, rain, sun, leaves, ice etc. It will simply extend the lifetime of your trampoline and prevent any harmful substance from falling onto it and then hurting your child.

Trampoline Ladder

There are powder-coated, carbon steel trampoline ladders available that can withstand harsh storms, rains, and other weather conditions. Unlike most of the trampoline ladders which require a lot of efforts to assemble, there are many which you can directly attach to your high trampolines to get on to the jumping surface.


In case you love jumping high in the air, a fly ball is something that you must get along with your trampoline. The elastomeric spring system in the fly bar which can also be adjusted and propels the riders weighing around 120-125 lbs. The fly bar will definitely launch you high along with your heart beat.

Anchor Kit

The Anchor Kit is going to help you secure yourself while you are jumping during high winds or in a storm. This kit has four steel anchors that have industrial strength as well as straps. All these straps are easily removable for mowing grass as well.
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Chemistry of a typical Water Softener

While it may not seem like a necessity to have your water “softened” at first, you may start to realize that your soap starts to run out faster than it normally would, or that your hair has lost the smooth, silky after-bath feel to it. After this, you may start to wonder why it’s happening, when it did not use to be the case.

If you start getting bothered by the benefits of hard water, you might as well get things straight and know what makes hard water what it is, then read this article.

What makes hard water “hard”?


While water is primarily made of H2O molecules, the process of it travelling on pipes, and coming in contact with elements on the ground, such as Calcium and Magnesium make it “hard”, as the ions of these elements blend well with water.

These ions form some sort of “layer”, which makes the interaction of water and surfactants rather difficult, and therefore, require you to use more soap or the surfactant of your choice.

This could come across as a hassle among people. Furthermore, having “hard water” could cause unsightly mineral deposits to form on faucets and damage heating components and water dispensers faster.

To help with this, water softeners of different sorts are installed onto pipes and conduits right before the water reaches the faucets.

There are several mechanisms when it comes to “softening” the water (you can read about each of them further in our Water Softener Reviews), but the most common, and how most water softeners work is through “ion exchange”. The most common are through DIR, or Demand Initiated Regeneration, which operate or “soften” water only whenever it is needed. Salt, in the form of a brine solution, is often used, as the Sodium Ions in the water are exchanged with the Calcium and Magnesium Ions which are found in hard water. There are other alternatives, used to soften water, and this includes Electromagnetic Water Treatment, Capacitive Deionization, Template Assisted Crystallization, and Electrically Induced Precipitation. These development of these treatment methods arose from how salt can be one which is easily exhausted, and could be a hassle to replace every now and then.

Salt is the most widely used, however, given that it is a very abundant element, is safe, and very cheap and easy to find. It is also a substance which has been approved of and regulated, given that salt is used in a lot of applications. One of the best water softeners in its kind is the Fleck Water Softeners.

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Generic Entertainment Through ShowBox App

If you tired of waiting for movies on torrent or downloading them from the torrent sites here is a solution for you. It is the ShowBox app. Though it is not available online on the Google play store, it is available on other app stores. They are mixed feelings about this app and that is bound to happen. It allows users to watch movies in HD for free. The app lets one download any Hollywood movie or TV show aired in the US. One can not only download it but also watch it directly on the app.

One can download it directly or through torrent. Under the direct category, three formats are available. They are 360p, 480p and 720p. Under the torrent category, there are no formats available.  The app has a pleasant UI/UX design and also gives the user a smooth streaming experience. As with every good thing, there are certain flaws in this app. The foremost of them is that the app gets a little non-responsive at a time.


It also has an update section that continuously lists the new movies and episodes that are being added to the database of the app. So one can stay updated and the best thing about this app that one does not need to log in any personal information or make an account to access the contents.

It is available on various platforms. The app also uses a reference to IMDB and open subtitles for listing the movies according to ratings and accessing subtitles on the go respectively. Though you need to have an open subtitles account in order to access the subtitles from the app. Open subtitles is the leading subtitles provider in the World Wide Web overtaking its competitor The app lets one filter the list of movies and TV shows according to the genre, IMDB rating and year of release. The app has a separate download section that shows all the stuff that is being downloaded along with their progress. There is also a favourite section to list ones’ favourite. The app really has everything to make it loved by the user instantly.

Whether the app is illegal or not is still under debate, the number of users are increasing at an exponential rate. The app is quite similar to Netflix despite the fact that it is free. So there comes the concept of privacy again and the ugly things associated with it.

Though the app is relatively new in the market it has found competitors already. They are Hulu, Crackle, Kodi, TV Portal and Popcorn Time. Though the list goes on and on, these are the most famous ones. The rise of this apps has been due to the reason that ShowBox for i-Phone is been considered illegal and its servers are being taken down. As its popularity is increasing, so are its problem. The Russian-based company really needs to pull something out of the box in order to re-establish itself in this ruthless competitive market.

Movie review- Ki & Ka

Kia is an aspiring career woman who doesn’t want marriage to come in the way of her career. Kabir wants to stay away from the stressed life of a working professional.

The movie is inspired by the Hollywood comedy movie- The intern. Anne Hathaway has her own e-commerce and on the other hand, her husband Anders Holm stay-at-home. Similarly, in Ki & Ka, the role of both husband and wife got reversed. Right at the start, Kia doesn’t wanna be a man’s support system. But, when she meets the kabir who doesn’t want to be a millionaire like his father, instead wants to be like his homemaker- mother, be ready for the sparks. Both starts spending quality time with each other and are ready to be a married couple.

Ki and Ka Review

Kia’s mother is in tandem and on the other hand, kabir’s father is aghast. He wants his son to do a ‘chaddi test’ if he’s alright or not. Though, which man wants to stay at home and let her wife to live-off. But they both are blissful. Post marriage, they both are very happy with each other. Kabir cooks, cleans and cares for her. On the other hand, she yearns, earns and yells at him.

As the film progress, it puts the spotlight on Kabir. Though, many starts following him, but there are also few who want to emulate him. Kabir becomes a topic for gossip, the hero of women’s day seminars and   commercials. Cute couple Jaya and Amitabh also have a cameo in the film.

Kareena is terrific and Arjun is awesome too. But, the script is inconsistent. A few scenes are confusing. Over all, ki & ka is a worth watching as there is nothing wrong with man wearing apron and the woman following her ambitions.

Some interesting facts about the movie:

  • This is the first time Arjun and Kareena pairing up on the big screen.
  • Rumours were that the director was planning to cast Anushka opposite Arjun. Kareena was not her first choice.
  • Swaroop did his comeback after 14 years.
  • Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan are doing a cute cameo in the film. Jaya lent her voice during the open credits of the film Paa (2009). This is the 17th time the Bachchan couple is doing a film together.
  • Arjun learnt cooking for his role as a house husband.
  • Meet Brothers also made a remake of the song ‘High heels’ by Yo Yo Honey Singh for the film.
  • Viteran composer Illayiraja created backround score of the movie and also composed a song ‘foolishq’. Balki consider him his mentor.
  • When Saif Ali Khan watched the trailer of the film, he told Kareena ’I am so proud of you that you did this film’.
  • Kareena’s kiss with her co-star Arjun became a matter of controversy as Kareena mentioned a no-kiss clause in her contract.
  • Jaya Bachchan did her comeback after 8 years. She was last seen in 2008 in the movie ’The Legend of Drona’

Also read- Movie Box

Movie Box app is used stream TV shows, films, serials and videos without any cost. It also allows you to download Movie Box movies in high quality. But, in the recently updated app, there are some bugs. It has already gained a huge popularity in a very short span of time. It supports all platforms. It is also available for PC. Apple users can also use it. Few years ago, we are unable to watch movies and shows perfectly but now with the help of Movie Box, we can easily do it with free of bucks in your Smartphone.

Bratz: An excerpt from Everything is Shit Volume 1

Look, here’s saucy leatherclad Roxxi, one of the Bratz Rock Angelz, playing a flying-V rock guitar and showing off her belly midriff and high-heels. Kind of like when Britney dressed up as a Nazi dominatrix.

‘Hi! My name is Roxxi,’ says Roxxi. ‘My twin calls me “Spice” because I like to spice things up!’ Twins, eh? Eh? Wicked! Bratz are taking over. You might have thought they were just a range of dolls, purple-spangly teenage dolls in ‘funky’ outfits slathered in make-up. But you would be wrong. The Bratz doll is not a doll. Well, it is a doll, anyone can see that. But it’s also, according to Paula Treantafelles, who initially created the range, a ‘self-expression piece’.

How this ‘self-expression’ piece expresses itself is mainly through the prism of having the right trinkets, phones, accessories and shoes. (Without shoes, the Bratz dolls have no feet. It’s kind of a metaphor.) They are ‘the only girls with a passion 4 fashion!’. It’s a sort of WAG training course for six-year-olds.

Doll designer Lui Domingo insists: ‘We are not making a deliberate effort to sexualise these dolls. We are making them fashionable, and coincidentally the fashions these days are rather sexy.’

Not trying to sexualise them? They look like a series of Hollywood central casting whores in plastic! Then there’s the passion 4 dating guyz: the ’Secret Date’ range of Bratz included a dolled-up doll, plus a mystery date (one of the Bratz Boyz) and – oh yes – champagne glasses! Why not go the whole way and chuck them naked into a jaccuzi? Bubblicious!

Then there are The Bratz Babyz – sort of what babies would look like if they decided to become strippers. And there’s a ‘Babyz Night Out’ fashion pack and ‘Brattoo Parlor’ playset. Because if there’s one thing babies need it’s more nightz out and tattoos.
They could go out and compare their new markings: ‘Look, I’ve got a spider, what about you?’ ‘Mine says “Mum”.’

Bratz Big Babys (yet another range) have ‘Designer Diapers’ – lovely frilly knickers, which they set off with these highly peculiar coquettish poses. Oh yes, and earrings. And a bikini bearing the slogan ‘I Blow Bubbles’! This is also a coincidence.

The fashion among babies is definitely for looking like little sexpots. Oh no, hang on . . .

Even the Bratz Babyz Ponyz have coloured highlights and makeup. So they’re sexualising ponies now? Come on – if you’re sexualising ponies, you’re definitely taking the sexualising way too far. Or is this a coincidence too? Are there slave-to-fashion ponies out there now, right this minute, having their tits done?

Hey, I know! How about a Babyz Self-Harm Kit? Or at least just supply the Secret Dates with Rohypnol. Or is that going too far? How does one judge? Anyway, let us be thankful that children are not generally impressionable or easily led – or we may end with a generation of stifled, consumer-crazed fuck-ups. Another one.

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